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Variations on Google Maps

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Google released Google Maps this spring and has since added on a satellite mapping feature. Since Google Maps runs on xml and its source is open, users can alter and customize it to their own purposes, resulting in some interesting results.

FoundCity allows users to entire in their own locations of interest and add to existing customized Google Maps. Still looks pretty new, considering the narrow focus and the number of sites on some of the maps. A little more developed is a rental and real estate listing. Vancouver is the only Canadian city listed so far but I'm sure that will change in the near future. MonkeyHomes uses Google Maps as a back drop to New York City subway station stops.

Looking to do some virtual sightseeing? Google Sightseeing picks out some of the more interesting sights in the world as seen by satellite. Another site also lists some popular sightseeing destinations. Someone else has taken the Google Maps satellite image sightseeing approach and personalized it to the extreme. Perhaps a little frightening? But Google Maps - satellite view is not at this stage yet (fortunately)!

Keep posted! There are mre variations sure to come. Let us know if you see any.

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