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Phishing and Crimeware Map

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Phishing is a an attempt to get Internet users to divulge personal information that can be used to access personal financial accounts. A user might be an official-looking email that appears to come from their bank telling them that they need to log in to confirm information in order to ensure that their account is safe. Those who know, know that banks will not do this and the link that is provided directly the user to a web page that might look exactly like their own bank’s webpage.

The Anti-Phishing Working Group has a world map that displays the source of phishing and crimeware (malicious code that redirects users to sites that weren’t intending to visit) attacks by the country source. Not surprisingly, most of the attacks originate in the United States (the U. S. probably being the biggest country in terms of the number of Internet users). The map is updated “15 minutes after discovery” but doesn’t use a logical colour scheme or breakdown in categories (e.g. 4.69 - 51.98% seems like a very large and unweildy category). A dropdown list allows the user to refine the timespan of attacks to be displayed.

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