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London Tube Map: Variations on a theme

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The iconic London Underground map is perhaps one of the most recognizable map designs in the world. The Guardian has taken the basic design and layout and provided a tube map of a different sort: a map of 100 years of music. Each station is given a name of a band or musician and each underground line represents a different type of music. The result is a fun, familiar but unusual map of music. The map is available in pdf format; read about its creation in the accompanying Guardian article or the news story on the London Transport site.

This isn’t, of course, the first time an “alternative” Tube map was produced. There is a Dr. Who version of the map with the ubiquitous Tardis in its centre. Or Simon Patterson’s The Great Bear who takes the names of philosophers, scientists and other famous people and attaches them to stations (see a legible detail). Then there is the version that might have come into being if the Germans had won the war (reminiscent of Neu-York which was blogged about earlier).

By way of Going Underground’s Blog

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